Alaska 2017

Bill Joe Arctic Circle 2017

In 2017, my friend Bill and I headed on the adventure of a lifetime. We were two broken men on yet another ride to try and heal; Bill from the loss of his wife and me from my dad’s premature death.

We traveled from Colorado to Bellingham, WA, where we hopped a Ferry to Homer, AK, before crossing into the Yukon, down through Canada, and back home. 

Along the way, we experienced many magical moments, and as often happens in such situations, we took our grief out on each other. In these posts and stories and choose to focus on the good times. 

Bill and I continue to step into it with each other. But through it all, we are two men that love one another like brothers. 


We took just over 30 days on this adventure. I have a significant amount of photos and stories to add. For now, please enjoy the few that I managed to put together, before life had other plans.