Alaska 2017

Bill Joe Arctic Circle 2017

In 2017, my friend Bill and I embarked on an incredible adventure that would change our lives forever. We were both seeking solace from our past wounds – Bill from losing his wife and me from the painful premature loss of my dad. Despite our brokenness, or perhaps because of it, we chose to take a journey of healing, hope, and discovery.

We traveled thousands of miles, crossing borders, and venturing into the wilderness or Alaska, the Yukon and Canada. Along the way, we encountered breathtaking sceneries, encountered diverse cultures and made cherished memories. Although our journey had its fair share of challenges, we chose to focus on the good times. We found the strength to uplift and support each other through moments of grief and despair.

Today, Bill and I are closer than ever before – our bond strengthened by the incredible adventure we embarked on together. Through our journey, we discovered that love and connection are the defining attributes of the human spirit.

We hope that our story will inspire others who may be struggling to find hope during difficult times to find comfort in the journey and the people who walk beside them.


“Our journey lasted just over 30 days. Due to various commitments, I only documented our initial journey. However, I have a significant amount of photos and stories to add. For now, please enjoy these few posts, as our journey began.”

Home to Seattle on the way to Homer
Alaska (Homer to Homer)

Day 1: 1,500 Miles in and Ready to Start!

The day is finally here! We are heading to the ferry in Bellingham, WA to hop on the Alaska Marine Highway System. I hope to ...
Bikes below deck

Day 1a: En Route, Bellingham to Ketchikan

Sunday, August 6, 2017 This morning, I realized, yesterday’s post was titled incorrectly. It felt like Day 1 because Bill and I were finally arriving ...
Corrections Blanket Tag

Day 2: Sea Day, still in route to Ketchikan

Monday, August, 7, 2017 Waking up to a cold and hazy morning, discovering your bedding has a prison tag on it can be a concerning ...
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