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Ever Dream of SLOWLY circumnavigating Denver, CO? Well, that’s exactly what we are doing. Come check it out, and see how you can plan your own journey!

An early June attempt to tackle Segment 1 of the Wyoming Backcountry Discovery Route came up short due to snow. But this ride home more than made up for it. 

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Blue Highways & Beyond!

Break free from the mundane and embrace the beauty of North America’s more scenic routes — discover the legendary Blue Highways and beyond!

Armed with our expertly curated routes and your sense of adventure you are sure to experience the trip of a lifetime. Whether you are looking for a multi-day excision or merely an excellent weekend warrior drive, we have you covered.

Why Travel
With Us

Travel with Peace of Mind
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Reliable & Quality Service

All of our routes are hand picked and personally verified to ensure you are given the most reliable information.

Safety first

We prioritize your sightseeing experience above technical proficiency. That's why we've categorized our routes with clear and friendly difficulty ratings, focusing on easy paved and dirt roads that can be accessed using standard NON-4x4 vehicles.

Value for Your dollars

Experience over Expense! There's nothing wrong with splurging on occasion. But AH Travel focuses on finding you memorable and affordable hidden gems.


We love the convenience that cars, motorcycles and jeeps afford us to travel. To ensure that continues for generations we practice and encourage the 7 Principles of Leave No Trace.

Go Your Own Way

If you believe the best time to get going was yesterday, check out our "ready-to-roll” routes with vetted restaurant and lodging recommendations. Download the plan and hit the road without delay. If you feel more adventurous than what we have already put together, let us know so we can create a custom itinerary just for you. For those seeking a bit more guidance and a sense of security, our guided trips are the perfect choice. Led by our experienced guides, you can rest assured that your road trip will be both exciting and safe. However you hear the call, let Adventure Hermit Travel be your guide to an unforgettable road trip experience.

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Why Drive?

Millions of miles, Thousands of sites

There is no where else in the world where you can cover so much ground without needing to take out your passport more than once! 

The United States has  over two million miles documented roads totaling over four million miles of  interstates, highways, local roads and streets.

Canada boasts another 870,000+ miles of  two lane roads.

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