Corrections Blanket Tag

Day 2: Sea Day, still in route to Ketchikan

Monday, August, 7, 2017

Waking up to a cold and hazy morning, discovering your bedding has a prison tag on it can be a concerning feeling. But the lock on the door is secure, so I slept in a little longer before waking up around 5AM. When you leave port your immediately on Alaska time, on the ship, even though the actual time is an hour earlier.

As I wander around the ship, I notice that several tents have moved inside for additional shelter. One has even collapsed on the deck. The weather didn’t seem to warrant such a thing, so perhaps it was an equipment malfunction.

Throughout morning, we are in and out of the haze. Occasionally we get a glimpse of shore, a town and even a lighthouse, as we traverse the inside passage through Canadian waters. The blistering pace of 18 knots, creates a rhythmic flow as the channel opens and narrows along between the shore and the many scattered islands. It is just the right speed to take everything in.

Orcas to the left us, belugas to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with Bill (gratefully). C’mon sing along! On our way to Ketchikan aboard the Kennicott Ferry!

Dining Report

Pork Chop and Salmon
Pork Chop and Salmon

Breakfast was wonderful. A made to order breakfast sandwich with Hash browns. At dinner, Bill and I split grilled salmon and a pork chop meal. Not as good as the first night, but still a far better meal then either of us were expecting on our journey.

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