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MS Takes on MS on Route 66

Plan B

In life, who hasn’t had to consider a Plan B? For some of us it is as simple as your favorite pizza place being closed, when you are really craving pizza. Plan B: Chinese anyone? Or perhaps something more impactful, such as being laid off from a job you loved – where you got to say, “would you like fries with that? Plan B: Back to School.
When the road we are on takes a detour, we have a choice; complain or figure out where the next road leads. When life shows up on your doorstep, in the form of a debilitating disease, it can be soul crushing. But, in 2014, when Multiple Sclerosis, was foolish enough to show up brandishing the same initials as Mark Southerland, it had no idea what was in store for it. Suddenly, it was MS that needed a Plan B! It chose the wrong hombre to pick a fight with . . . Mark’s a tough Scotsman. Before kicking butt in the world of Internet Security and becoming quite the master brewer, he served our country in the US NAVY!

Taking on MS on Route 66

On June 5, Mark (MS) and I will be driving on historic Route 66. We would like you to follow us on our journey, but more importantly, we ask you to help the hard working and dedicated folks and their clients at the Rocky Mountain MS CENTER by making a generous donation.

How did we decide on Route 66? Several years ago, Mark and I purchased matching Triumph Scramblers. Before you judge, send a donation. Then judge. Sadly, we were only able to ride together a few times. MS has taken a toll on Mark’s balance, and robbed him of his love of riding motorcycles. Because of this, he is unable to ride anymore. But Mark, didn’t hesitate, he tackled Plan B like the tough SOB that he is, and bought a convertible BMW M3 so he could hit the road and feel the wind in his hair!

The M3 will be our chariot as we travel from Colorado to Chicago, the starting point of Route 66! This is where Mark will take back his initials from Multiple Sclerosis. We will then travel the historic road, Thelma and Louise style, minus Brad Pitt and any funny business driving over cliffs!

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Thank you so much! Happy Trails!!!