Triumph in the Alpine Loop

40 Colorado Mountain Passes in 40 Hours. Why? 
Because I Turned 40!

Pass 5 Loveland Icy
Nya Wishing Me Well on My Adventure
Nya Wishing Me Well on My Adventure
Attempting a Selfie Before the Ride
Attempting a Selfie Before the Ride
One Foot (Boot) Out the Door
One Foot (Boot) Out the Door

This is the story, two stories actually, of my attempts to traverse 40 Colorado Mountain Passes in 40 Hours simply because I had turned 40! The first attempt was in September and the second in October.

First Attempt

In short, two minor tumbles broke enough parts off the Scrambler to keep me from continuing.

On the second day I explored the Alpine Loop area around Lake City. But the bike needed proper repairs before I tackled any more serious terrain, so I headed home.

The crazy rainbow at the end of day 2 is not photo-shopped. It’s odd that it cuts off so sharply, but that’s how it appeared as I came back down Route 285.

Second Attempt

On my second attempt I repeated some passes, and tried several new ones.  In the pictures, you can see the difference a mere few weeks makes here in Colorado.

In the end I was thwarted by snow, early darkness, and a lack of signage in several locations.I also misidentified the location of several passes. Regardless, I had great fun trying and it was still an adventure I will never forget.

About the Photo Albums (Below)

I separated the two trips into multiple photo albums for easier viewing. There are two folders for each Attempt, Day 1 and Day 2.

I apologize for some of the blurry shots. They were included for posterity.

Click on a Header to view the album. You can select individual photos or scroll through them. I hope you enjoy what you see and are inspired to create your own personal adventure.

First Attempt Photos

Second Attempt Photos