Beluga Breaching 2

Alaska Day 3: Ketchikan

Monday, August, 7, 2017

Ketchikan is our first chance to get off the Kennicott. We don’t get far, as town is about 4 miles from the ferry and we only have a couple of hours before all-abord. We make the most of it, by heading over to the Landing Restaurant & Hotel. It is a combination hotel, bar and diner. It has all the makings of a tourist trap, but proves otherwise. The food is solid and the staff is extremely friendly and the prices are down right reasonable!

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It also gives us a chance to connect, and share some news with family and friends. A quick run to the grocery store and we are back on board and ready to head to Juneau. Our farewell party includes a few Beluga Whale sightings. They move swiftly, for such a large creature. Getting shots can be challenging.

Before dinner, we check out a quick movie about the Alaskan Highway. Learning how it’s creation was finally approved following Pearl Harbor, when the Japanese successfully bombed several sections of Alaska. Only then, did the US and Canada strike a deal to build the now famous road. Work was completed by a combination of civilians and soldiers. Being the match wizards that we are, we deduct that we will be riding on the Alaskan Highway, as it celebrates its 75th Anniversary! We are hoping for more Michael Landon and less AC/DC experiences as we descent in a few weeks.

Tonight’s sunset is the highlight of the day. Stunning! The pictures are better than anything I can say about them – but even they do not do it justice.

Dining Report

Chicken and Grilled beef is on the menu tonight. I am so hungry, I dig in before taking a photo. Sitting around will do that to you! It is gone before I know it.

The flavor is good, but the first night set the bar so high, it is tough to give it more than a B. The bigger issue is the inconsistency in portions. The chicken, while flavorful, is bone-in. I consider a bowl of soup for dessert, but settle for gourmet Planters Peanuts from the vending machine, along-side a nice nip of Jameson, courtesy of Bill.

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  1. Are you seeing smoke, or smelling it? We still have smoke here in Seattle which is creating beautiful orange sunsets. The source is the fires in British Columbia.
    I’m enjoying the journey, thank you.

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