Ice Skating in Evergreen and Snow at Red Rocks (Story)

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Waking up early after attending a bachelor party the night before is not what I call the best cure for a hangover, but that is exactly how the morning started. Today we are continuing on what has not transcended a month of birthday celebrations for the Adventure Hermit Wife, Beth.

Everyone was instructed to get warm clothes and visit the restroom as we would be driving for a bit. We then headed west. Guesses as to our location came inaccurate and swiftly. As we approached the foothills the girls got excited sensing the mountains were part of today’s adventure.

As we turned off of 470 and drove through Morrison, the hamlet that helps people “prepare” for concerts at the famous Red Rocks which sits just above the town, the excitement begins to grow. Weaving up the hill through Kittredge the location becomes more obvious, but the what still remains a mystery.

As we roll into Evergreen, we see that the old Evergreen Inn has a new name and open once again. They used to have the best crab cake benedict for breakfast, pretty crazy statement for an East Coaster to make about mountain crab cakes, but they really were awesome.

Today we are headed to the Lakeshore Cafe overlooking Evergreen lake and giving away our destination as the lake was already filled with Ice Skaters. The girls quickly figured it out but were more than willing to wait until they had a good breakfast.

The Lakeshore Cafe did not disappoint Not only did the girls have Minnie Mouse shaped pancakes but they also served ridiculously good Crab Cakes Benedict! I highly recommend the Lakeshore Cafe for its great food and family run friendly atmosphere.

After basking in glory of a good breakfast we were ready to skate. Well, ready to go skating. The girls have never before today and Beth and I have not been in probably 20 years! The weather was beautiful and soon we all had skates on. The next challenge walk outside. I was in hockey skates, beth in figure skates, and the girls were lucky enough to get double blades; let’s just say Beth was more than a little jealous. (See full set of pics here)

We hit the ice and did remarkably well. Everyone really had a good time. Even Nya with all of her falling kept getting up with a smile on her face. After a couple of hours it was time for hot chocolate and the descent back home. CO-8 from Morrison to Evergereen is one of those can’t miss motorycle roads, filled with high rock structures and an endless supply of twisties.

The girls managed to stay awake as we returned to Morrison. With snow quick on our heels we decided to stop in at Red Rocks for a quick visit. As we pulled in to the top Nya had fallen asleep. I decided it was worth waking her up and carried over to look down into the beautiful Red Rocks Ampitheater made famous by a few unknown boys from Ireland back in the day. In fact, U2’s Under a Blood Red Sky was one of the top reasons I wanted to relocated to Colorado. Being able to spend summers there listening to music is heaven! We have seen everyone from Rodrigo y Gabiella, The Police, Tom Petty, Chris Isaak, LIVE, Peter Gabriel, Rush and so many more over the years!

As we stood at the top looking at the snow covered bleachers it became clear we were going to have to walk down to the stage. Sophia was already bopping down the waist high bleachers.¬† A few weeks earlier snowboarder “Brendon Thompson” had taken advantage of a good storm and boarded down the rocks – you have to check out his pics!

After running around on stage for bit channeling our inner Bonos we began the trek back up 69 rows, which may not sound like much until you do it. About half way up the snow caught up with us and it began snowing. By then everyone was cold and tired and ready to go home. All in all it was another successful adventure and we lived up to Sophia’s mantra . . . Don’t go anywhere . . . Go Somewhere!

See all pics here

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