When does a Triumph become a Hyabusa that becomes a Dakar?

It is with a heavy heart that I report that my Triumph Scrambler has moved on to new pastures.

In a strange turn of events, I met a guy who desperately wanted a Hyabusa within less than 6 hours
I was able to sell my Triumph, meet him to hand him cash, that he then handed to a Hyabusa seller,
as he then handed me the keys to a “new to me” Dakar!

Giving up the Triumph was heart wrenching as we have been through a lot together as we set out together
to show how much fun these bikes can still be OFF ROAD as the pictures on this site will attest.

But in an effort to have a complimentary bike to my r1200 GS ADV for even tighter terrain around Colorado
the decision had to be made. The Triumph will forever be immortalized in my upcoming book 40/40/40 The story of 40 Mountain Passes in 40 Hours when I turned 40!

For now, it is time for me and the new Dakar to start creating more adventures together!