All knowledge is within you . . .

All Knowledge is within you!

I have a simple rule when working on a problem.”If I cannot solve it within 15-20 minutes, I need to walk away.” I would like to say that I adhere to this rule, after all I created it. Alas, I do not. Even though years of experience have taught me, “walk away for a moment and the answer will come.” I simply do not.

Perhaps it is some warped sense of work ethic or maybe I am simply an intellectual masochist. The truth is some of it is the confidence that I know eventually, I can figure anything out. I truly believe that any one of us, if we ignore our fears and doubts can accomplish anything. Whatever it is for me personally, I can stare at a problem for hours, even days, trying to come up with a solution. Eventually it will come but sometimes at a price of a lot of wasted time, where a brief break might have brought clarity.

Today was no different. I was stuck a technical problem. But I knew the answer was close so I couldn’t let it go. I went so far as to pull out my afternoon tea bag (Breathe Deep) but I couldn’t tear myself away for 2 minutes to wait the ridiculous short time that our office instant hot water makes of a tea bag. Instead I kept plowing along, not getting anywhere fast . . . even though I knew inside it would help . . .  and the voices in my head were reminding me of my own rule!

In the end . . .

I stepped away . . .

Opened my Tea Bag

and was faced with the phrase,

“All Knowledge is within you.”

I laughed . . . came back to my desk. Took a sip of tea, looked at my computer, saw the obvious buried right in front of my eyes. Laughed again and then wrote this post. Smarter? I doubt it. But progress is progress.

What does today’s Daily Tea mean to you? Please comment below!