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Nice to meet you. My name is Joe, a.k.a. Adventure Hermit.

I’m often asked how I can seek Adventure and be a Hermit. It’s easy; I usually travel solo when I am not out with my family. I tend to opt for the longest, most meandering route between places.

I turn what takes most people a few hours into days. In fact, I will leave for a trip days before my family, only to arrive at our destination simultaneously.

Unlike traditional hermits, I do not live alone away from people. On the contrary, I like to experience my adventures away from crowds and traffic when possible.

The world is full of many people, places, and experiences that often get overlooked for popular destinations. I hope to inspire others to stray just a bit further from “the known.”

AH CO Water Crossing
AH Outside the Salty Dawg

travel advice:

Don't Go Anywhere

Many years ago, my daughter unexpectedly came up with the tagline, "Don't Go anywhere; Go Somewhere!" Her 4-year-old lungs burst from her car seat from the horror of having to go to the store. I could relate.

Life's too short for shopping — we were two people in need of adventure. That day it was ice cream, but soon it was across the world!

Sophia in Car Seat

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