Slip with your feet . . .

Better to slip with your feet than your tongue.

Well, this is pretty appropriate timing. Just had a huge blowout with a family member. I could attribute it to a slip of my tongue, but , the truth is nothing slipped. I may have regretted my statement but the truth is the argument was going to happen whether I said anything or not.

It was under the surface, ready to explode and my casual comment opened the flood gates. The phrase, “there’s no place like home for the holidays comes to mind.”  It sounds so romantic, but the truth is perhaps it is a reminder, subtly created by the travel industry . . . reminding us all that just about anywhere can often be better than home for the holidays . . .

Darn this ice – as soon as it is gone, I think it will be time to put some miles down on the bike, of course the offended party will have gone home by then . . . but a ride is a ride!

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Author: adventurehermit