Iron Butt Association Verdict

Iron Butt Association Verdict (Read by Sophia)
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In September 2011 I took an amazing trip from Colorado to Southern Oregon so I could ride down California’s North Coast down to San Francisco to attend the yearly SalesForce conference. Metallica was the conference band . . . yep . . . Metallica. Hard to say no to a great ride, a small venue with Metallica concert . . . and Mark Benioff and his staff always puts on a great conference.

I decided it was a perfect time to document an Iron Butt and get my certification. In the future I will document the full trip. Including, my attempts to get back to Colorado in time for my oldest daughter’s (Sophia) 7th Birthday! Stayed tuned.

Here is Sophia reading the verdict that came in from the IIBA.

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    1. Thanks Baron – and Congrats to you as well! Looks like we accomplished it in the same year!

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