Iron Butt Association Verdict

Iron Butt Association Verdict

In September 2011, I took an amazing trip from Colorado to Southern Oregon to ride down California’s North Coast to San Francisco to attend the yearly SalesForce conference.

It was hard to say no to such a great ride opportunity, and the deal was further sealed when I discovered Metallica would be putting on a private show for attendees. The event was kicked off by “Mini-Kiss,” and the after party was DJ’d by Mark Benioff and the SalesForce Marketing Event team know how to organize a great conference. 

The distance from Colorado to California seemed like a perfect excuse to try and accomplish my first  Iron Butt Saddle Sore 1,000—one thousand miles in 24 hours. Rather than take a straight route of high-speed miles, I made my route more scenic. That made things more complicated since the route must be validated. But I couldn’t pass up some sightseeing along the way.

Did I make it? Well? I’ll let my daughter Sophia tell you all about it below.

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    1. Thanks Baron – and Congrats to you as well! Looks like we accomplished it in the same year!

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