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Alaska Day 5: Yakutat (Part 2 of 2)

Wednesday, August 9, 2017
Part 1 of 2
(The less introspective update)

Today is another Sea Day. The mountain views, on the starboard side, keep the rockier waters down and created a beautiful a view. As we head into open waters the waves pickup and views of the land become a memory.

The boat rises out of the front of the water and crashes down, gently, but, with enough force, that many of the passengers begin to crowd into the lounge in the center of the ship. Others, retire to their rooms to try and sleep through the waves.

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I’ve always equated calm seas to an amusement park without a rollercoaster. You need something to liven things up, and this weather is just the thing. We are still making up time after a site-seeing detour outside of Juneau. Come dinner time the captain has slowed the ship down. Most likely, to keep plates on tables.

The fog has rolled in, so we are turning in early. I watch a movie and read. The sun begins to set around 11PM. I wake up around 1AM with the kindle on my chest. I back up a few pages, turn it off, and fall back asleep.

Dining Report

Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips

I have broken down and gone with the fish and chips. They’ve been calling to me all week, but the special have all sounded so good. While they look rather pedestrian, they are surprise my with a delicate flakiness and a nice quality taste.

A single Alaskan Brewery White Ale, rounds out the meal, alongside a piece of industrial chocolate cheese cake. It is not quite the caliber of the homemade pies that spoiled us on our way out of Bellingham. But, it is good enough that we eat it. So much for losing weight on a fish diet in Alaska!

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