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Gas Stations, Gustatory Delights, and Surprise!

I must admit, as a kid I ingested a lot of television. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that fact is now proved by my ability to quickly answer obscure questions like, what was the Brady Bunch Kid’s Dog’s name (Tiger) or who replaced Major Frank Burns (Larry Linville) on M*A*S*H when he went AWOL after the love of his life, Major Margaret (Hot Lips) Houlihan went off and married Lieutenant Colonel Donald Penobscot. That was, of course, Charles Emerson Winchester III played by David Ogden Stiers, who was really just the precursor to Kelsey Grammar’s Frasier Crane of Cheers fame before getting his own show. You see, I am a geek with a helmet full of useless information; unless you are looking for a partner on a “Geeks Who Drink” night at your local watering hole. Then . . . well, I am one in-demand geek!

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This is an excerpt from my latest contribution to RoadRunner Motorcycle Touring & Travel Magazine

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