Bikers Sell Beer

A brilliant ad campaign from Carlsberg Beer – unsuspecting couples are lured into a movie theater either to be scared away or rewarded with a lovely bit of refreshment! Enjoy . . . . Click here for more Info in this and other clever campaigns . . .

Pure and Easy

Always be pure, simple and honest . . . . (Pure and Easy) For some reason today’s Daily Tea immediately made me think of THE WHO. I know THE WHO does not usually conjure up images of peacefulness. In fact Pete Townshend single handedly made smashing a guitar about the coolest thing you could do, …

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You are unlimited!

You are Unlimited! It is painfully easy to only rise up to the heights of our limitations. However, knowing we are unlimited makes the ceiling much higher. Easier said than done . . . but much more worth trying than giving up! What does today’s Daily Tea mean to you? Please comment below!