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Embarking on a road trip adventure can be thrilling, but planning might seem daunting. Fear not, because I’m here to guide you through using travel apps that will make your journey as smooth as the open road. Here’s how I can help you take the fear out of planning your next road trip:

1. Simplifying Route Planning

I’ll introduce you to user-friendly apps like Roadtrippers with their new AI features and show you how to use Google Maps like a pro! Are you looking for some light dirt road adventure or something more daring? I’ve got you covered with tips and training to early learn Gaia GPSI’ll show you how to confidently plot your course and easily add waypoints, attractions, and great places to eat and stay.

2. Avoiding Traffic

Following the proclamation of Beyond Blue Highways, any traffic you will likely encounter is limited to wildlife crossing the road, which is hard to track with an app. But when you venture onto the highway and into more congested areas, you’ll learn to use Waze and Google Maps to avoid delays and reroute around obstacles.

3. Roadside Attractions

Are you looking for a 160-foot-tall castle made of locally sourced materials with a dragon on top? Or perhaps you’d like to know where all of the “Muffler Men” from Chicago to California can be found. The best way to enjoy a long road trip is to make it longer. It’s not about putting miles behind you; it’s about detouring your way to one adventure after another. A great source for unique destinations is

4. The Perfect Pit Stops

Looking for the best local eats? How about the best burger you’ve ever had while waiting for 250,000 bats to tumble out of the cave nightly? Or a can’t-miss gas station—Bucky’s, Anyone? I’ll show you how to use apps that provide recommendations and reviews to ensure every stop is one for your scrapbook.

5. Booking Accommodations on the Go

Looking for a last-minute hotel deal? Learn tips for getting the best rates directly or using apps like Hotel Tonight. For one a one stop booking solution is hard to beat. I used it exclusively when booking hotels/motels across Route 66, then all the way up to Alaska. Whatever your preference AH Travel will help you book accommodations that ensure you always have a comfortable place to rest.

6. Keeping You Entertained

There is so much to see no matter where you travel. But admittedly, some stretches of solitude can benefit from a good audiobook or a killer soundtrack. I am looking at you, Loneliest Road in America. Check out my musical playlists, audiobook suggestions, and other tips on making smile over every mile. 

7. Managing Your Budget

If you don’t think you can afford to travel, think again. Are you Looking for ways to plan and budget before, during, and after your trip? I’ll point you toward apps that help track your expenses so you can focus on the experience rather than the cost.

8. Preparing for the Unexpected

I’ll provide you with a checklist of essential items to pack and how to stay informed about weather conditions and road closures.

Following these tips and utilizing the right travel apps will equip you to plan your road trip. Follow Adventure Hermit Travel so you can spend less time worrying and more time exploring the open road. Together, we can turn that road trip anxiety into anticipation for your next adventure. 

Until next time — Don’t Go Anywhere, GO SOMEWHERE!

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