Skyline Drive Shenandoah National Park

Cloudy with a Chance of Sun

We’ve all been there haven’t we? The weather report calls for rain and we have to decide; suit up and dive in, change the route, or park it on the couch. When you are traveling, “park it on the couch” is usually not an option.

I usually don’t watch weather reports. I prefer to simply hop on the bike and take my chances. However, when I am traveling lots of people like to check the weather for me and send me reports. This was what happened when I was leaving Huclock, MD on my way to Maggie Valley.

I planned to continue down the eastern shore to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. I had not been there since I was a teenager and I thought it would be fun. However, after the fourth person reached out to me to say—“ooh, doesn’t look good down south along the coast,” I decided to reroute myself through Annapolis and head directly west.

Things were going well until I stopped for gas. Then the rain began. I was under cover at the gas station so I decided to suit up! As any rider knows, the best way to get rain to stop is to put on rain gear, so I wrestled the rain pants over my boots and slid on my rain jacket. As expected, before I traveled the 400 feet to get back on the highway the sun had returned to greet me and activate my sauna suit.

I left it on for about an hour before deciding to pull over and strip down. However, I left the pants on; I figured if the weather were going to toy with me I would play a little game of my own. Sure enough, as I got back on the highway the rain returned—much harder this time. I actually laughed out loud but decided not to put my rain jacket on. After several minutes of needle like water descending upon my exposed skin it stopped. Take that Mother Nature.

The rest of the day was filled with golden sun and lots of humidity! When I arrived, unexpectedly, at the entrance of Shenandoah National Park I was thrilled. I had found Skyline Drive thanks to a suggestion from my friend Dale. I spent the rest of the afternoon zipping through twisties and taking photos. I even had to turn off my engine and coast as I came up on three bears! (For the record, no Goldilocks in sight!) Eventually I settled into the park’s Big Meadows Lodge for the night.

With an IPA in hand and a steak on the way, I am sitting here typing this, watching the sunset over the Shenandoah Valley; a perfect ending to perfect day. Tomorrow I ride with Dale . . .


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