Adventure Hermit with my Girls at Red Rocks

Part-time Adventure Hermit . . . Fulltime Dad

There is always an air of excitement when getting ready for a big trip. However, with little ones at home it can also be a struggle. The road beckons, but family does too. Several years ago when I was still a touring musician and a stage manager I missed my oldest daughter Sophia’s loss of her first tooth. To some this may seem silly. Her mouth, after all, is filled with many other teeth bound to part ways with her gums at some point; but it really got to me. That experience taught me to always try to plan my rides around important family events. Okay, I did come home late for one wedding anniversary, but that’s another story.

One positive example of my efforts took place in September of 2011. I was heading home to Colorado from San Francisco. As I rode, it became clear to me that I could not get back to Denver in time for Sophia’s birthday. I called my wife, Beth, and she immediately hopped in the car with our daughters and drove four hours west to meet me in Grand Junction. We arrived at the hotel at the exact same moment in time for a wonderful birthday dinner followed by a detour to Arches in Moab, before heading home. Crisis averted!

My upcoming Trans-American Trail trip and the RoadRUNNER Touring Weekend will be no exception to my planning. On my way across the country I will be making a quick stop at home in Colorado to watch my younger daughter, Nya, start first grade.

On the second leg of the ride, once again, I will be returning to Colorado just in time for Sophia’s birthday. She has made it clear that I cannot be late. I remind her that she was the one who coined the phrase, “Don’t go Anywhere . . . Go Somewhere!” But I also know that above all, there’s a time to be an Adventure Hermit and there’s a time to be a dad and I wouldn’t miss her birthday for anything!

Over the next two months be sure to watch my RoadRUNNER blog. I will be writing weekly on my travels from Colorado to Connecticut, down to Maggie Valley, NC followed by ride reports from Tennessee to Port Orford, OR. If you are interested in seeing daily videos/photos and live tracking via my Spot Connect updates, please be sure to LIKE the Adventure Hermit Facebook Page.

Thank you all for your support, and especially to RoadRUNNER for the opportunity to share the adventure with all of you!


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