Out West with Dad Cover Shot Used in RoadRunner Magazine

Road Runner Magazine Article (Out West with Dad)

I recently found out that an article I wrote for RoadRunner Magazine is partially available in the non-member area. The Article was titled “Out West with Dad!” See it here!

This was my first ever print published motorcycle article. It was in the Reader Rides section. I think RoadRunner is the best ride related magazine there is and being published in their magazine was the highest compliment I could receive.

What made it even more exciting was two related stories. I had purchased a subscription to RoadRunner for my dad about a year earlier. It was to inspire him from his couch in Connecticut, giving him something to think about as he commuted to work on his KLR 650. When I found out my article was selected I was busting. I couldn’t wait to call and tell him, however, I also knew how cool it would be for him to just see it.

I was notified in October that my article was selected. However, the issue would not be out until January. I am pretty good at keeping secrets, but this one was tough. When the day finally came and I received my copy in the mail I immediately called my dad to see if he received his. Upon hearing that he had not, I simply referenced a good article that sounded similar to the ride he and I took and suggested he check it out when his copy arrived.

Eventually, he received his copy; about a week later. Then it must have sat around for a good two weeks before he finally opened it. That’s when it happened. He saw himself blazed across the pages of RoadRunner! Since I take most of the pics, my words were featured, but it was my dad whose pictures were displayed. He was so excited he carried the magazine around everywhere showing people how famous he was!

An additional piece of trivia regarding the timing of the article. I received the notification that my article was selected while I was returning from riding to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. I was their as part of a surprise trip for my friend Brian Nikolitch who was dying from ALS. It would be the last time I would see him. The trip, seeing him and getting published would forever change my life.

From this moment forward I was inspired to become a better writer and simply write more. Even taking a course with the great travel writer Dave Fox! Like most of us, life (and riding) got in the way. I am trying like mad to discipline myself to share at least once a week. So unless, I find another missing previously published article, I will need to get myself in gear for next week!

For now . . . please enjoy this snippet from an oldie, but a goodie.


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