People always ask how I find such Obscure, Interesting and Fun Places.
I Don’t.  They Find Me.
All I’m Good at is Getting Lost!
~ Adventure Hermit

Epic Adventures

Lands End Resort

Brining my Dad's Ashes from Colorado to Home, AK then home again.

fallen klr
TransAmerica Trail

An adventure of a lifetime. Traveling on my dad's motorcycle from Connecticut down to Tennessee. Then across country to Oregon.

Colorado River - Bottom of the Grand Canyon!
Grand Canyon

Riding to the bottom of the Grand Canyon courtesy of the Havasupai Tribe in Peach Springs, AZ

Triumph in the Alpine Loop
40 Passes – 40 Hours

When I turned 40 I attempted to travel over 40 mountain passes in 40 Hours. Not Once But twice!

Rt. 66

What do you do when your riding buddy can no longer ride? You drink to much wine and promise to help him fulfill his dream of traveling the length of Rt. 66!

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