Relive Tutorial

What is Relive?

Sample Video from the Denver Orbital Trail

Put simply, Relive is an awesome tool for putting together interactive maps of your walks, hikes, drives, rides, paddles, and anything else where you get out and get moving!

The Company started in 2017 and continues to go strong. I am a genuine fan, and while I proudly recommend it for a few pennies of commision they do not currently have an affiliate program. So, I share my love of the program out of the goodness of my heart. 

Relive is 100% FREE. However, I gladly pay the $38 a year (As of May 2024) to have access to more advanced features. While, Relive integrates with several popular apps, to gather data, I pay to create longer activities, and to be able to import tracks from my favorite GPS tools, such as Gaia GPS, onX, All Trails and Google Maps. Apple users can connect the health App and Relive will automatically import your activity tracks and link to your camera roll to create an instant memory with a few clicks. 

Below are the top Relive Plus Features. 

  • HD videos
  • Control video speed
  • Import old activities
  • Edit. Anytime.
  • Add music
  • Get priority
  • Long activities
  • Interactive route
The best part is, you can try the full version for 30 days. If you love it, you can choose to pay to keep the features. Otherwise, downgrade to the free version to create basic Relive Moments. 

Creating a Relive Video

Creating a basic video in Relive is as simple as answering a couple of questions. If you get stuck Relive offers very easy to follow instructions to help you create your masterpiece. 

Creating a Custom Relive Video

It’s important to know that you cannot create Relive Videos on the web, only through the App. However, you can use the website to view more details and to upload tracks.

I find the importing tracks on the web and then editing them on the phone is the best combination. I often have trouble importing tracks directly on my phone. 

To import an activity on the Relive website first export your tracks from your favorite App using GPX, FIT or TCX format. GPX is very common and available to export from the most popular Apps. 

Then follow these simple directions to import your video into Relive and start editing.

2. Click on “Select a file to upload”
3. Choose your file or files. 
4. Your activity is imported in seconds.
5. Open the App to find your imported video. It will automatically find picture taken on your camera and align them based on time and location.
Activities are ordered by date, so you may have to scroll down in the app to find them, if the tracks are older.
For routes be import successfully they need to include GPS and time data. Most apps include this, but if you are running into problems this information may be missing.
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