Real Men Drink Tea

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Welcome to Real Men Drink Tea. In fact many drink it with whisky (or whiskey) depending on if you are kilt worthy or not. In my case, each day I enjoy between 3 and 211 cups of tea. Thanks to the folks at YOGI Organic Tea I also get an inspirational message. I share these daily nuggets here and on Twitter for those of you who have not yet found your inner tea drinker.

For anyone who has read Richard Bach’s Illusions, you may remember how he is presented with the Messiah’s Handbook, Reminders for the Advanced Soul. “  The idea is to open the book to any page and whatever answer you seek is there. That is how I look at the YOGI Organic Tea labels, they provide an interesting perspective to whatever I am facing at the moment. I have been doing this for several months and now feel ready to share.

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REAL MEN DRINK TEA (warning does contain some profanity)