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[headline h=”1″]What is a Pass?[/headline]

A pass (gap, notch, col, saddle, hause, bwlch (Welsh), brennig or bealach(Gaelicisc) is known by many names, but is simply a route between two mountains.

Passes are all over the world but there is only one recognized group that you can become a member of to boast about your pass bagging accomplishments. It is sponsored by the BMW Motorcycle Club of Colorado to promote riding your motorbike to the many, many beautiful areas of Colorado connected by roads that “Pass” over the impressive mountain ranges. In Colorado on any given day you can find someone pursuing these coveted bragging rights as they attempt to accomplish the minimum required Colorado 50 Mountain Passes.

Anyone can participate and you can take as long as you need to complete it. Because it can take folks several years to accomplish I created a place for you to share your own story as you work towards this goal.

Since 2004 no more than 5 riders a year have reached this status. I believe that number should be much higher and by signing up you are going to help yourself and your fellow riders see more of Colorado on 2 wheels than you ever imagined!

More information is coming soon on how you can track your pass bagging status – or sign up for a tour to acquire your passes in record time while having a ton of fun! For now please check out the resources below to get started!

Click here to share your Pass Bagging Photos and Stories

Go here to learn about how you can become famous as a member of  the Colorado Pass Bagger 50 Contest!