What is an Adventure Hermit? Well according to Merriam-Webster Adventure can be a Noun or a Verb; as follows . . .



(1) an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks

(2) the encountering of risks <the spirit of adventure>

(3) an exciting or remarkable experience


(1) to expose to danger or loss : venture

(2) to venture upon : try

and then . . .



(1) one that retires from society and lives in solitude; recluse

(2)a spiced molasses cookie

So armed with this knowledge it occurred to me. I have never considered myself a purveyor of danger in the form of a semi-sweet cookie . . . so . . . I needed to come up with my own definition, which is as follows.

Ad-ven-ture Her-mit (as defined by me!)

. . . an unusual and exciting, sometimes hazardous, experience or activity performed by a person acting in solitude.

Yep. That sums it up. I’m an Adventure Hermit – are you? What’s your definition

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  1. Joe

    I lost your email, no idea how, stuff happens. Shoot me a note with your contact information. I’m hoping to make a west coast ride this summer. I have a buddy in the Reno / Truckee area that I rode the Hoka Hey with (and several others). He invited me out and I plan to check in with some other friends on the way. Somehow I have failed to do Highway 1, and may knock that out late June.

    I am also doing a ride with the same group I went out west with the last time you and I visited. This time we are meeting in Boston, and heading north and east till we run out of road on the coast of Canada. That will happen in August.

    I am hopeful that you and I can visit if I make the west coast run.

    Dale Strother

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