Getting more time to ride

I am always looking for more time to ride. Riding for me clears my head and brings me the greatest joy. On the other hand, I can take the simple task and allow it to waste me in a land of distraction, which keeps me from every getting out there in the first place. For example, just the other day, I was given a gift of 4 hours alone with my wife; i.e. NO KIDS! I had every intention of taking her to lunch, she dressed up and was ready to go. What did I do? I argued with the folks at ROKU about a non-functioning piece of technology for over 3 hours!

Instead of enjoying this time with my wife I wasted it. I think I am a pretty smart guy, but this was just plain stupid. So before I look back on another year of unfulfilled goals I decided to do something about it. I sat down and completed the FREE Goal Setting Workbook created by Scott Dinsmore of Live of Your Passion!


Others would argue that I had a pretty great year last year. I crossed the Atlantic with the family on a two week Disney Transatlantic cruise.  I completed my first official IRON BUTT and touched the Pacific ocean from the saddle of my beemer in addition to some other great riding around the Mid-west. But to me it is about more than just my love of travel – it is about finding deeper meaning in everything I do. . . and of course finding more riding time.

What continues to allude me though is “What do I really want to do to make the most of my life Everyday?” This is where Scott has been a great resource in helping me force myself to focus!

This is an affiliate link should you think of purchasing something from Scott. As always I appreciate it. You don’t have to buy anything it will simply tell you about Scott’s Flagship course and give you a pretty sweet discount.

To access the FREE Goal Setting Workbook Click here! (No affiliate link)