It’s not life that matters . . .

It’s not life that matters, it’s the courage that we bring to it!

Tonight’s daily tea comes after a bit of a dry spell. I was getting a lot of the same sayings; no need to post them. But today’s was perfect and great timing!

Some of you may have seen the video I posted of my little Future Hermit Sophia reading my Iron Butt Acceptance.

I also received my official notification this week. See the pics here.

While, I didn’t think much courage was needed to complete the Iron Butt – it was a dream of mine to get at least one. Ordinarily I am stopping too often taking pictures to officially finish in the official 24 hours. This time I decided to simply push through on part of my trip from Colorado to Oregon and back down to San Francisco. Links and photos coming soon.

Regardless of it was courageous or not – I am really glad I did it. It can never be taken away. I encourage everyone to pick something you have always wanted to do and get out there and make it happen. The worse that will happen is you will feel great!

(No doctor has approved the last statement – but then again I don’t think the FDA has approved any of my teas either!)

What does today’s Daily Tea mean to you? Please comment below!