Use Adventure Hermit Community Motorycle Groups

So you have a motorcycle club, or group, or simply a bunch of riders that you want to help keep in touch with each other. You don’t want to the confusion of an over-sized forum solution and you don’t want the technical hassles of managing it yourself.

Adventure Hermit Groups to the Rescue! As a member of the Adventure Hermit Community you can create your very own group for free and control the moderation. Only members you approve can be a member of your group.

If you have questions send us an email. We would be glad to help you out or you can read all about the community here.

If you want to get started all you have to do is sign up at the Adventure Hermit Community Site and you can have your Group up and running faster than Glenn Curtiss at Ormond Beach!

Here are just some of the features . . .

  • Approve or deny Members before they can join
  • Edit Group
  • Manage Group members
  • Resend or cancel invitations
  • Remove Group
  • Send message to Group
  • Edit Group’s Text Box
  • Start Discussion in a Group Forum
  • Add or delete Group comments
  • Link to your main site
  • Add Events

Click here to join now!