Colorado to the West Coast Day 1

Dad Utah Canyonlands
Today is a pretty surreal day. Our goal was to reach Green River, UT. That was foiled when the mercury got hotter than Freddy at Live Aid and we decided to call it in Grand Junction.

This proved to be a great plan and we enjoyed an amazing dinner at Bin 707!What was surreal was staying at the Spring Hill Suites in Grand Junction.This was the last place my dad and I stayed together before he was killed in a car accident back in Connecticut. We stopped here and joined the family to see the Air Show.

We were returning from a trip that was scheduled to be to the California Coast – but instead only went as far as Vegas, staying at the Mirage and seeing the Beatles, LOVE! I had a shredded tire on my r1200 GSA and while I waited for the repair he soloed his way out to California . . . just to check it off his list. He made it to the border but not to the coast.

I was really excited for him, since he didn’t usually do things like this on his own. I felt bad that we did not ride the coast together – which was our orginal plan, but I also wanted him to see Vegas and experience a Cirque show, so at the time, I thought we would just do it the next time. Little did I know that this would be our last ride together.

Today, as I head to Yosemite and evenutally up the California Coast to Washington I can’t help but miss him and wish that we had made it all the way together. But that is ok. I know he is with me in spirit. I know he is riding somewhere.

I miss you dad.